The Importance of Shaving 

All people look different and that’s okay. With that, there can never be standards that determine how a person should or should not look. In fact, diversity is one of the things that make people special. As we may not have control over how we look, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and look as neat as possible. 

There are a lot of bearded men. Whether it may be a full beard or just a plain old moustache, men usually grow facial hair and shave them after a while. Facial hair tends to grow fast. This is the reason why people who have it trim it by themselves. 

It is our goal here at Canadian Beard and Blade to help the people who have this. As we develop our shaving products, we aim to give these men what they deserve. By trying out the products that we offer, we hope that they will have a smoother shaving experience. 

Aside from making someone look neater, here are other benefits that shaving has. 

It eliminates dead skin cells 

Honestly speaking, your skin finds it harder to shed dead skin cells if there is too much facial hair blocking its way. If your skin fails to do that, then it will be drier and duller. The thicker your facial hair grows, the more damaged your skin gets.

A full-grown beard can also keep dead skin cells on every strand. With that, it is by shaving that one can actually pull out their hair and manage to get rid of the dead skin cells that stayed there. Aside from dead skin cells, shaving also helps remove dust and other foreign particles on your beard. That way, it can make you more protected from skin irritations. 

In a similar manner, shaving also helps de-clog one’s pores, even for a while. That way, sweat and sebum excretions will find it easier to come out. 

It makes someone look younger 

There is nothing wrong with being a bearded man. However, it is upon shaving that these people tend to look years younger after they have shaved. More often than not, people will be reminded of how these people looked years ago since the beard made them look more mature. 

It feels light 

Shaving will give someone the relief of not having a thick beard for a while. Although those who have a full-grown beard tend to have it grow back in a span of a few hours, they are still given the quick relief of having it thinner or lighter. 

This is also the reason why those who are uncomfortable with having beards tend to shave it away. According to them, it feels fresher and more breathable. 

Overall, there are lots of great reasons why you should shave. With that, make sure to check out our products and see how well they can make you look and feel better!