Fine American Blend Aftershave Splash

Fine Accoutrements aftershaves are perhaps the benchmark for straight-up splashes in the modern shaving industry. With four simple ingredients, they accomplish everything you need in a splash and nothing else. They have lasting scent, great bracing and toning effect, and they follow with a tangible cooling sensation. No shaving den is complete without them.


 Scent: American Blend is Fine Accoutrements' flagship fragrance, and quite literally captures the scent of shaving. Reminiscent of traditional canned shaving foam, the scent consists of a Fern base accented by geranium, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli, and a hint of Gaiac wood. When you think barbershop, you get this.


 Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Menthol



Size: 100 ml


**Please note, this product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped outside of Canada**