Barrister and Mann Hallows Limited Edition Passage Coin PRE-ORDER


Will ship in early to mid October

"Ancient tales abound of Charon, the boatman of the underworld, who demanded payment from the souls of the dead in order to ferry them across the River Styx. Without payment, the souls would be forever trapped on the Earthly shore, doomed to suffer in endless lonely purgatory. Many ancient cultures still bury their dead with coins for payment of this grisly tariff, and it seems fitting to us that these be something special with which to charm the boatman and buy passage.

Our fondest wish is that you will not need any such coins any time soon, so we have had our own coins struck for good fortune instead. Inscribed with the words "Memento Mori" (an ancient Latin saying that literally means "Remember that you must die"), our 1.5" passage coins are made with an antiqued nickel finish. Perfect as a worry coin, good luck charm, or as a brush handle setting."