Free Touch Up Honing for Hollow Ground Razors

This service is for razors that were purchased from Canadian Blade Co. and are eligible for a free second honing.  Please reference your order from your original purchase.  Please note this price includes return shipping.  I will only charge you the amount the shipping cost me, so depending on your location, you may receive a slight refund.

You can't have a good shave without a sharp, smooth blade.  Every blade will eventually dull with use, and when that happens, send it to me so I can put a fresh edge on it.  Honing is a very rewarding hobby, but it takes time, practice, lots of error, and a substantial investment in hones.  If that is not your cup of tea, I can take care of it.  This is what you get:

I will examine your razor for any damage to the blade, the scales, and the pins.  If there are any chips to the blade or abnormal damage that goes beyond simply honing, I'll let you know if it will cost extra. 

I will establish a bevel to eliminate any small microchips in the blade and expose fresh steel.  I then progress through a series of hones and finish on chromium oxide treated balsa wood. I find this is the most consistent way to leave a smooth edge on a razor. 

To purchase this service, please add to cart and checkout   Once I receive the order, I will email you with shipping information.  I cannot take responsibility for the razor until it arrives, so you it is advisable with high value razors to ship with tracking and insurance.