Q: What is traditional wet-shaving? 

A: Wet-shaving means using a water-based medium to provide protection from your shaving implement.  Traditional wet-shaving means doing so with a shaving brush, shaving cream or soap that you must lather with said brush, and either a double edge safety razor or a straight razor.  There are a few variations within, but that is the basis of it. 

Q: Why should I start traditional wet shaving?

A:  If you shave at all, you deserve a good shave. A good shave is comfortable, refreshing, close, and enjoyable.  If your shaves are not all of those, then this is for you.  If your shaves are already good, then they will be better. 

Q: What makes it better than using an electric razor or disposable cartridges and canned foam?

A:  Electric shavers tend to chop the hair and often irritate the skin in the process.  They also will not generally provide the closest shave.  Cartridge razors (or the disposable variant) are designed upon a principle where the first blade is slightly dull and pulls the hair away from the skin, and the following blades chop it off.  The hair then retracts and quite often retreats below the skin. This can cause irritation due to the yank and cut effect, and also cause ingrown hair and razor bumps.  Because the blades of these razors do not sit against the skin as you shave, they must use this technique to get a decently close shave.  Double edge razors and straight razors use a single sharp blade to cleanly cut the hair against the skin.  Used with a true lather, your skin is properly protected from the blade, and your shave will be comfortable and clean.

In regards to the canned foam and gel, it is more hydrophobic than true lather and does not absorb water well.  Compared to a lather created with a brush and quality shaving cream or soap, it lacks slickness, protective cushion, and it also tends to be more drying on your skin.  Good quality creams and soaps with hydrate and nourish your skin, and leave it feeling better.  They are built using a brush and water, and the water is then held against your skin and hair, keeping the hair soft and the skin protected.  Canned products will often leave your skin dry and irritated. 

Q: Is this a “luxury” method of shaving that will cost me more?

A: It is a luxury method of shaving, but it is actually less expensive to start wet-shaving than to buy a pack of the newest cartridges.  Our super value shaving kit is $20, and will keep you shaving for up to 2 months of daily shaving.  After the initial investment, replacement blades cost as little as 25 cents per blade, and last between 3-6 shaves depending on your hair.  Shaving soap and cream lasts much longer than canned product, so there is savings there as well.  If you decide to go with a straight razor, there are no replacement blades to worry about. 

Q: Should I use a double edge razor or a straight razor?

A:  I think everyone should try a straight razor because I believe they offer the pinnacle shaving experiences, but double edge razors work incredibly well in their own right.  They are easier to learn and cheaper to purchase initially, so that is often attractive to beginners.   However, nothing has quite the appeal of a straight razor, and they offer an experience unlike any other. 

Q: There are lots of products to choose from.  Where do I start?

A:  Check out our shave kits for great deals on everything you need to get started.  If you want a more tailored experience, please email me and I would be happy to find the right products for you and your skin.  I’m not going to try and sell you anything you don’t need.  I want you to enjoy the process, and not be overwhelmed.