Shaving Soaps and the Right Way to Shave

There are a lot of bearded men if you look around. These men keep their beards as part of their style. As much as they wish to keep themselves looking neat and tidy, beards just have a way of growing themselves back as fast as they can. With that, those who have it can either choose to live with it or learn how to incorporate regular shaving into their routines.  


Those who have the need to regularly shave tend to do it by themselves. In order to make them have the smoothest shaving experience, we here at Canadian Beard and Blade decided to make the best shaving products. That way, our bearded friends can be more confident about the way they look. 


One of the products that we have is shaving soaps. So, if you are unfamiliar with this soap and how it is used, then make sure to read along. To make shaving easier, we also decided to include some shaving tips that you may want to use. 

What are shaving soaps?

Shaving soaps are different from facial soaps even though they are also used in the face. Unlike usual soaps, this kind of soap has fatty acids as its ingredients. This kind of soap doesn’t just clean the beard as it also helps soften it. It does that by creating a creamy base in which razors can glide smoothly.

Its difference from shaving creams

Shaving creams and soaps differ from one another. The main difference about these is that shaving creams already contain water. That is the reason why they can be lathered easily. However, they tend to cling less to the skin and facial hair. 


Shaving soaps can be harder to lather as it requires finding the perfect water and soap ratio that can make it do its job perfectly. Aside from their quality, shaving soaps also tend to last longer compared to shaving creams. 

Types of shaving soaps 

There are two different types of shaving soaps, namely, soft and hard shaving soaps. Despite the fact that they differ in several ways, the two happen to share the same purpose. With that, here is a closer look at how the two differ from each other. 

Appearance and texture 

Hard shaving soaps look like a hockey puck. They look like a typical soap except for the fact that they deliver a different purpose. Although this type of soap may be hard, they work smoothly once lathered. 


On the other hand, soft shaving soaps are usually placed in containers or on tubes. They usually have a cement-like consistency which makes them sticky. Simply put, they look like very thick shaving creams. 


Although the two share the same purpose, there are different ways of how the two can be used. For example, hard shaving soaps would have to be whipped so that they can create the lather. This may take a longer time to lather compared to soft shaving soaps. The reason behind this is that the latter has more moisture in their mixture which makes them easier to lather. 



Apparently, soft shaving soaps can run out quickly compared to the hard type. Given the fact that they tend to lather swiftly and easily, some of its users tend to use more of it. On the other hand, the fact that hard shaving soaps have less moisture and are more compact makes them last longer. 


More often than not, shaving soaps can last from 6 months up to 1 year. Still, it depends on how the user makes use of them.

Benefits of using shaving soap

Aside from the fact that it makes your shaving experience smoother, here are some other benefits that you can enjoy with shaving soaps. 

They increase hydration 

Given the fact that they give you a richer and deeper lather, it is undeniable that shaving soaps can hydrate your skin more. Although their composition may have less amount of water compared to other shaving products, the lather that they can produce is great for your beard. 

They give you a better shave

Shaving soaps also remove the stubbles and the natural oils on your face. With their thick lather, they can soften the beard and make it easier for razors to glide through. As seen in its results, shaving with it leads to cleaner cuts. It also gives the skin a smoother feeling afterwards. 

They are eco-friendly

Shaving soaps are known for their ecological impact on the environment compared to other shaving products. The reason behind this is that these soaps are not dispensed from an aerosol. 

They have unscented variants 

There are lots of men who prefer using unscented products. Given the fact that there are many variants of the said product, users have many options to choose from. This makes it more convenient for those who prefer using unscented products.

Tips on how to use shaving soaps 

Now that you know more about what shaving soaps are, we think that you may already be more convinced that you should give them a try. With that, here are some tips on how you can use shaving soaps properly. 


  • Soak your brushes. Make sure to soak your brushes so that their bristles can be softened. By doing this, you will find it easier to lather the soap and water. 


  • Soften the soap. It will be easier to lather the soap if it is softer. With that, you may want to consider placing some drops of hot or warm water on the surface of the soap. That way, you can use it better. 


  • Coat your brushes. In order to lather nicely, it may be best for you to swirl the brushes over the soap for a few seconds. To have the best results, it is nice if you can coat all or most of the bristle tips.


  • Check the consistency. Upon lathering the soap, you should learn how to keep an eye out for the proper consistency. For example, you may want to keep on swirling the brush if there are still bubbles. However, if you think that the soap is still too thick, then you may want to add more water. 

The proper way of shaving 

Now that you know how to properly lather your shaving soap, it is time for you to know when to do it in your shaving routine. With that, here is the right procedure of how you can properly shave your beard. 

Wet your beard 

In shaving, it is very important to wet the beard before anything else. Regardless of whether you wish to take a bath or just wash your face, it is highly important that this step will not be skipped. This step is helpful so that no irritation will occur. 

Lather the soap

Whereas most steps will teach you how to make use of shaving cream on this step, we will tell you otherwise. In this step, we suggest that you apply the tips that we told you so that you will get the right consistency for your shaving soap with the help of your brush. 

Apply it

With your shaving brush, make use of what you have lathered and apply it to your beard. Use it to apply the soap evenly. It is highly recommended that you do this in an upward direction. That way, it will be easier to shave it. 

Use your razor

Using and applying the soap will make your face feel smoother. It will also make the razor glide better on your beard. As much as possible, we suggest that you make use of a quality razor. Even though razor blades can work smoothly on beards that were lathered in shaving soap, it is still best if you ensure that they are not yet dull. Aside from the fact the dull razor blades cut unimpressively, they can also irritate your skin. 

Rinse your razor 

After a round of shaving, make sure to rinse your razor afterwards. Rinsing it after a few swipes can help remove any hair and cream residue on the blade. To do this more effectively, we highly suggest that you make use of water. 


If you didn’t get the results that you wanted, then try to do the aforementioned steps all over again until you get the desired result. Although re-shaving can give you smoother results, we suggest that you do not overdo it since it may cause irritation and razor burns to your skin. 


Once everything is done, make sure to wash your skin with warm water so that all the residue will be removed. Afterwards, make sure to wash with cold water so that your pores will be closed. Then, proceed to your after shaving routine. 


Using shaving soaps is nice and it will definitely give you the smooth shaving experience that you may be looking for. With that, make sure to try it to see how it works for you!