The Importance of Having an Aftershave Routine

Facial shaving is important because it helps men look neater and a bit younger. It also helps them get rid of the dust, dirt, and dead skin cells that cling to their beard. Aside from those effects of shaving, what people may not know is that shaving also helps take care of the skin. 


As much as shaving is essential, an aftershave routine is equally important. That way, people can remove all chemical and shaving residues. Aside from the fact that it feels nice, it also does amazing wonders for the skin. 


That is the reason why we also decided to include aftershave products here at Canadian Beard and Blade. That way, our customers will have the right set of products that can give them the best skin results after they shave. 


Among those that we offer are aftershave balms. With that, here is a closer look at this product and why it should be a part of your shaving routine. 

What is an aftershave balm? 

An aftershave balm is similar to a lotion. The main purpose of this is to soothe the skin after it has been shaved. However, an aftershave balm differs widely from a lotion since it gives off a different feeling. 


What makes an aftershave balm special is the fact that it doesn’t contain alcohol. This makes it have a smoother effect on the skin. Upon applying aftershave products with alcohol, people can feel a stinging sensation on their skin. The alcohol content may also trigger some irritation on the skin since the pores are more open. By having no alcohol, it is guaranteed that aftershave balms will give a more comfortable feeling.


Aftershave balms also tend to have a lighter scent compared to aftershave lotions and creams. With that, many men prefer using this since it feels lighter to the skin even though it is thicker and creamier when it comes to consistency. Still, this proves that it doesn’t have strong chemicals that may irritate the skin.

The importance of an aftershave balm

Aftershave balms are really important because they help give your skin the hydration that it needs. Given the fact that aftershave balms don’t leave your face with a stinging sensation, you can expect that this is helpful in soothing the soreness of a bad razor shave. 


Even though it only provides short term healing and soothing, it is not surprising that many people want to ease the feeling of having earned mini cuts while shaving. So, by making use of this, one will be guaranteed that they will not feel sore after they have chosen to rinse off the shaving creams or soaps whenever they clean their faces. 


Using an aftershave balm also allows anyone who uses it to smell better. Aside from that, it also helps a person get rid of their acne which may be hiding behind the beard. This is possible with the help of some ingredients used in aftershave balms that have antiseptic properties that are helpful for the pores. 


Aftershave balm ingredients

Now that you know how important it is to use aftershave balms, it may be best for you to know what they are made of. Upon knowing that these don’t include alcohol like other aftershave products, some people grow curious about what it actually has. With that, here are some of the most common ingredients that are often included in the creation of an aftershave balm.


  • Vitamin E: This is really important because it helps protect your skin from pollution. Aside from nourishing your skin with enough antioxidants, this vitamin also helps hydrate your skin. So by using it after shaving, you can expect it to help soothe irritation. 


  • Aloe vera leaf juice: Aside from being a great moisturizer, aloe vera leaf juice is also known for its ability to heal minor wounds and rashes. Its properties also promote healthy hair growth. That way, it is with the help of this that you can expect your beard to grow better and smoother. 


  • White tea leaf extract: Throughout the years, studies have shown how this tea has effective anti-inflammatory properties. This tea extract can also protect the skin from harmful UV rays while strengthening it in the process of doing so. 


  • Chamomile flower extract: This flower extract is known for its capacity to soothe the skin’s overall condition. This is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin since its properties are really effective, despite not being that strong. Quite similar to white leaf tea extract, this also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • Witch hazel: This is known as a natural alternative to alcohol. Amazingly, this plant has antibacterial properties that can be compared to what alcohol has. Despite that, this isn’t that strong. As a result, it doesn’t make the skin dry or irritated in any way. 


Aside from the aforementioned, here are other ingredients that are being used for aftershave balms. 


  • Menthol
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender oil
  • Shea butter
  • Natural scents 

Uses of an aftershave balm

Aside from being used after a shaving session, an aftershave balm can also be used in several other situations. With that, here are some other uses that you can enjoy with the help of an aftershave balm. 


For daily moisturization 

Given its ingredients’ moisturizing properties, aftershave balms can also be used as a lotion. These can be applied to other parts of the body aside from the face. Given its light texture, some even find it better since it doesn’t have a greasy texture. Also, it smells good. 

For sunburns

Given the fact that it has soothing properties, aftershave balms can also be applied to help relieve minor sunburns. In a similar way to how it can soothe irritation and redness caused by shaving, it can also do so for minor sunburns. 

For new tattoos

As aftershave balms can help soothe irritation after shaving, they can also do the same for newly tattooed areas. With the help of its soothing properties, it can hydrate your skin and protect you from further infection and irritation. By using it, you can help soothe the itch and burning sensations that are caused by a new tattoo. 

How to include aftershave balm in your aftershave routine 

Now that you know more about aftershave balms, it may be best for you to learn how to properly incorporate them into your routine. That way, you can enjoy its benefits more often. With that, here is a quick guide about a proper aftershave routine. 

  1. Double-check

Make sure to check if you are really done with shaving. Double-check all the spots to ensure that you didn’t miss anything. That way, you will not have to repeat what you just did. It will also make you look better if you didn’t miss any spot. 

  1. Rinse with warm water

Once you’re already sure, make sure to rinse with warm water. This is important because it helps get rid of all the shaving cream or soap residue. Warm water is highly recommended because it won’t dry your skin, unlike when you use hot water. 

  1. Rinse with cold water

It is important that one learns how to wash their face with cold water after they do it with warm water. Upon having all the residue washed off, it is important to re-wash with cool water. That way, one can feel more refreshed. Also, cold water helps close the pores and make your skin feel tighter. 


  1. Pat dry 

After two rounds of washing the face, one would have to make their face dry once more. With that, it is important to learn how to gently tap one’s face so it can dry. Tapping is better than rubbing because it can irritate your skin with friction. So, make sure to be gentle with your skin after shaving, especially if it is sensitive. 

  1. Apply aftershave products 

Whether it may be an aftershave balm or an aftershave cream you choose to use, it is important to place it at the end of your routine. By doing that, you help nourish your skin with the nutrients that it needs after it has been shaved. 

The importance of an aftershave routine

Shaving should never end after you have rinsed off all the residue. Given that the process can cause bumps, soreness, and possible irritation afterwards, it is best to learn how to avoid it. By having an aftershave routine, you can help keep the moisture from all the products you have used while not depriving the skin of the nutrients and the natural oils that it needs. 


Overall, it is nice to always ensure that you have your skin taken care of. Aside from making it look good, it is highly important that one learns how to keep them in their best condition for a long time. That way, keeping the beard will not make it complicated for whoever chooses to live with it.