Black Ship Grooming Co. La Concorde Aftershave Splash
Sometimes (especially in dryer climates), an aftershave splash alone isn't enough. You need a little extra moisture in your skin.  If you do, look no further than a quality aftershave balm by Beaver WoodWright.  They don't contain alcohol and won't dry our skin for those who suffer from dry skin. Oh yeah, they smell awesome too. 




A Little History of the La Concorde: Before the Queen Anne's Revenge was Blackbeard's flagship, it was a French slave ship called La Concorde. The 200-ton ship was armed with sixteen cannon and had a crew of seventy-five. After crossing the Atlantic, and only 100 miles from Martinique, the French ship encountered Blackbeard and his company. According to records, the pirates were aboard two sloops, one with 120 men and twelve connon, and the other with thirty men and eight cannon. The french powerless to resist from scurvy and dysentery gave up  after two volleys from the pirates. Captain Dosset sureendered the ship to Black Beard. 


Our La Concorde scent was inspired by a classic french names Barber Shop Scent but has our ussual twist on it. This will remind you of sitting in the barber chair as they sprinkle the powder on the brush.  You smell the powder as they use the brush off thos loose hairs. That fresh clean smell will surround you as you go thoughout your day. You'll find yourself catching wafts of La Concorde as you go about your busy days.  


 Size: 4oz




**Please note, this product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped outside of Canada**