Boker Silver Steel 6/8" Straight Razor White Scales, Shave Ready


This new edition commemorates a classic in the Boker straight razor product line, that goes back to the very beginning of the last century.  To improve the performance, the blade steel actually included real silver and was called "Silver Steel."  The 6/8" carbon steel blade shows a very disinctive hollow grind.  The unique rounded blade back has a ridged surface for safe handling.  On this new version, the scales are crafted of a white synthetic material, which is resistant to moisture and humidity.  The ivory-like appearance contributes to the exclusive, classic style, along with the classic blade etching and authentic Boker stamp.  This razoris manufactured in more than 120 steps, by hand, in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany.  Delivered in historical packaging with a certificate of authenticity.  Serial numbered.
As with all razors from Canadian Blade Company, this blade comes tested and shave ready.  The seal on the case has only been opened to hone this razor.  New straight razors usually ship in 3-5 business days, as I need time to hone them and clean them before sending them to you.  This is time well spent, as you will receive a shave ready and clean razor to use!