Chatillon Lux Colbeck Aftershave

This is a limited-edition aftershave base, designed for the summer heat. It features simply alcohol, witch hazel and aloe with a strong, but not painful, menthol blast. It is meant to replicate the feeling you get when a crisp, cold and refreshing gin drink cools you down as you reflect on a long summer day full of sunshine and adventure or a cold breeze at the summit of a mountain in wintertime.

It comes in a larger 100 mL bottle since this aftershave base will not be available again until next summer.

Dint Colbeck succeeded Tom Egan as the head of the St. Louis gang called Egan’s Rats, based in St. Louis’ Irish slums, after the founder’s death. Now under Colbeck’s leadership throughout the prohibition era, Egan’s Rats became the city’s foremost name in the gin smuggling business. At their height, their influence extended not only to Al Capone in Chicago, but even all the way to the White House. After his release from jail after his deeds finally caught up to him, Colbeck took up a career in plumbing, but his mysterious trips across the river to East St. Louis in the forties led to him being on the wrong end of a barrel in a long-time-coming reverse of fortune.

Note: Rub into still-damp, freshly shorn skin. To get the full effect of the aftershave, it is best to let the skin remain slightly damp upon application.

Scent: This scent employs the scents found in the botanicals of gin, but will not smell boozy on the skin. The scent notes include juniper, citrus, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and anise. 

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, chamomile extract, calendula extract, witch hazel, aloe vera, cat's claw bark extract, vegetable glycerin, menthol and fragrance

Size: 100 ml