Chatillon Lux Vide Poche Aftershave

In the bold tradition of the explorers, adventurers and homesteaders who made South Saint Louis such a rich melting pot comes an aftershave that reflects that nature. Chatillon Lux's first alcohol-based aftershave product has some of the healing, nurturing elements of our toner, but with the bracing feeling that comes from an alcohol base with a touch of menthol for a cool, refreshing feeling after a great shave.

Whether you have oily skin or just want to feel like a stiff, bracing breeze off of the Mississippi River is blowing across your face, our aftershave splash combines the best of both worlds: an alcohol-based splash that actually cares for your skin instead of leaving it a barren, dried-out wasteland. Their aftershave cares for your skin in the same way that Odile Delor Lux welcomed Henri Chatillon back to their home after months of pounding the trail.

Note: Rub into still-damp, freshly shorn skin. To get the full effect of the aftershave, it is best to let the skin remain slightly damp upon application.


In the early days in the trading village of Carondelet, now part of South Saint Louis, the residents of Saint Louis proper referred to the neighboring trading hamlet as Vide Poche, French for "empty pockets." 

The industrious spirit and underdog mentality both inspire the artistic renaissance currently taking place in South City, as well as this scent, titled Vide Poche.

The warm, vibrant feeling of South Saint Louis and Carondolet is conveyed with a gourmet combination of amber and sweet orange, with added sweetness coming from a garnish of geranium and honeysuckle. Driving the entire scent is our workhorse combination of lavender and bergamot.

A tight-knit community, underdog mentality, and invention as necessity are all hallmarks of the city we love: Vide Poche, otherwise known as South Saint Louis.

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, chamomile extract, calendula extract, witch hazel, aloe vera, cat's claw bark extract, vegetable glycerin, menthol and fragrance

Size: 2 oz