Detroit Grooming Co. Oil-Based Pomade

From Detroit Grooming Co.

Hold: Medium
Finish: Shine 
Scent:  Vanilla & Honey

The 'Pomade' is our original oil-based pomade. This premium pomade gives you a medium hold for styling and finishes with a quality shine. This easily washable oil based pomade is deliciously scented with an amorous vanilla & honey fragrance.

Directions:  Towel-dry your hair. Then spread a small amount of pomade onto your palms and fingertips. Finally, slick and rock!

Don't forget to check out Detroit Grooming's Guide on Using Pomade.


In general, oil based pomades are made up of far fewer chemicals than most common water based pomades. Also, oil based pomades never dry out so you're able to constantly 'redo' your hair-do ;) Oil based pomades also offer a variety of shine finishes - so don't forget to check out our other oil based pomades offering different finishes. Lastly, since it's a tad more difficult to wash out oil based pomades from your hair, you're able to get more out of your money since you don't need to apply as much the following day.

Size: 3.4oz