Dorco PL602 Double Edge Safety Razor

I firmly believe this is one of the best entry level razors on the market.  Is it plastic?  Yes.  Does it work tremendously well?  Most definitely.  Even if you have been DE shaving for a while, this is worth picking up.

This razor provides a very smooth, efficient shave, and is forgiving and easy to learn.  Because of it's 2 piece design, it applies sufficient pressure to hold the blade in place even when the handle is not fully tightened.  This allows you to adjust the blade gap and therefore the blade aggressiveness.  This allows you to tailor the razor to your liking.  This razor is very well made and has great tolerances for such a low price.  

If you want to try DE shaving, want a good travel razor, or simply want to try something new, this is the razor to buy.  

Comes with 2 Dorco Platinum Stainless blades.