Fine Accoutrements 24mm "Stout" Shaving Brush

Whether you prefer a vegan brush, or simply prefer the feel and nearly maintenance free nature of a synthetic brush, this is for you.  Synthetic brushes do not need to be as carefully maintained as natural brushes, and they provide a very soft face feel.  No need for break-in required!

Inspired by the iconic Simpson's "Chubby" brush, and perfectly sized between their #1 & #2, the "Stout" brush lists for a fraction of the cost and features the miraculous "Angel Hair" fibers.

Sourced directly from The Almighty, Angel Hair fibers represent the first synthetic material to truly rival the highest grade badger hair for comfort and performance. Both cruelty-free and lower cost than badger, there's little doubt that this shaving brush is truly a gift from on high. Fine Accoutrements is proud to have been among the first in the world to offer this knot.

Brush Height: 92mm

Knot Diameter: 24mm

Knot Height: 50mm