Fine Snake Bite Aftershave Splash

Fine Accoutrements aftershaves are perhaps the benchmark for straight-up splashes in the modern shaving industry. With four simple ingredients (or simply 3 for Snake Bite), they accomplish everything you need in a splash and nothing else. They have lasting scent, great bracing and toning effect, and they follow with a tangible cooling sensation. No shaving den is complete without them.


 Scent: Snake Bite "The Original Burn & Quench" after shaving tonic contains no fragrance oils, but five times the menthol of Fine's modern after shave formulation. The resulting tonic “Burns like the devil, freezes like the Rockies, and cures all that ails you.” Apply sparingly, and keep away from women and children.


 Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Menthol



Size: 100 ml


**Please note, this product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped outside of Canada**