Super Value Double Edge Starter Kit
$22.00 $31.00

Yup, shaving can be this good; and this cheap.  These are all great value products that won't sacrifice shave quality.  The choices when you start traditional wet-shaving can be very daunting.  I decided to take the guess work out of it (and give a good discount to boot).  If you want a low investment entry into wet-shaving, or would like to gift someone a kit they can use right away, grab this one.  In the kit you get:

  • 1 - Dorco PL602 Double Edge Safety Razor
  • 1 - Omega Boar Shaving Brush (style may vary)
  • 1 - Proraso Sensitive Skin Shave Soap
  • 5 - Astra Superior Platinum Razor Blades
  • 5 - Voskhod Razor Blades
If you need any help in using your new kit, just email me and I will be happy to help!