Our Shipping and Return Process

Online shopping is easier especially now that you can place your orders with just a simple click. The great thing about it is that you do not have to feel pressured when it comes to choosing the products you want. You can also have it delivered right to your doorstep. If you have a problem with your orders, you can ship the item back without problems. The shipping fee is also on us. 

The Shipping Process 

When placing your orders, you need to make sure that you have provided your shipping information such as your home or office address, full name, mobile or telephone number, and mode of payment. 

Your mode of payment could be done through online payment or cash on delivery. Rest assured that your banking details are safe with us. 

As soon as you press the ‘confirm’ button, your orders will be processed immediately. The delivery time depends on how far your location is. The closer you are to our headquarters, the faster it is for you to receive your parcel. However, the delivery time will usually take from three to five days.  

Tracking Your Order

If you want to track your orders, all you need to do is to log in to your account. You do not have to click anything because it will immediately appear. If the status of your parcel does not immediately appear, it is best to contact our customer service hotline. You can also send us an email and provide the details of your parcel for faster transactions.  

Returning Your Package 

Not happy with the package you received? Well, you can ship it back to us on the same day you received the parcel. It is also recommended to keep the packaging intact. You should also take note of your tracking number and make sure to include it on your return request form. 

Be reminded that the return and exchange policy is only available for different sizes and colours of the same style. Exchange for a different item and is subject to another request.    

Getting a Refund 

If you prefer a refund over an exchange of products, it will be also issued through your preferred refund method. It could be online or through cash on delivery. It can also be credited to your shopping account which you can use to buy other products. Getting a refund usually takes two to three business days. If you did not receive your refund after three days, please send us a message. 

At Canadian Beard and Blade we make sure to provide you with a superb customer experience. If you are experiencing inconveniences, do not think twice and immediately notify us. In this way, we can immediately take action and make it up to you. We also do not mind if you want to send us a complete report regarding your case.

Happy shopping!